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 Chunnin Jutsu

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Naruto Haro
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Master Admin/Haro Clan Leader/The Cooliest
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PostSubject: Chunnin Jutsu   Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:11 pm

LEARNABLE: Earth style: Earth dragon bullet
Fire style: Fire dragon bullet
Dance of the cresent moon
Armor of sand (must know sand coffin)
Fire style: Dragon fire jutsu
Fire style: Great fireball jutsu (must know fireball jutsu)
Partial expansion jutsu (must know expansion jutsu)
Twin rising dragons
1000 years of death
great waterball jutsu (must know waterball jutsu)
Hidden mist jutsu
1000 flying water needles of death
Earth style: Head hunter jutsu
Body flicker technique
Shadow clone shuriken
Shadow clone
Water Style Water Dragon bullet
Water Style water clone jutsu
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Chunnin Jutsu
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