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 For those who are new to RPGs

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Arashi Uchiha
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Master Admin/Uchiha Leader/the one that pwns with his hawtness
Arashi Uchiha

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PostSubject: For those who are new to RPGs   Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:56 pm

Since this is an RP, you need to learn to properly Role Play. There are a few rules and a couple of guide-lines.

1. Be litterate. We need to be able to read what you say.
2. No god-modding. We can't have genin beating up a Kage with the reaper summoning techique now can we?
3. Don't bunny. You can't play as another persons character, unless they give permission.

The Guide-Lines:
NOTE: You do not need to use these, but they do make RPing easier on you and the people around you.
1: Use "..." for talking, *...* for actions, and <...> for scenes. If you aren't talking as your character use OOC:... or (...). Also, if your character is thinking, use italics
2. Don't make your character Uber strong as a genin. That leaves no room for improvement.

Please follow the rules, and attempt to follow the guide-lines. Thank you, and have a nice RP day!

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For those who are new to RPGs
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