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 Magus Classes

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Kirei Hakura

Kirei Hakura

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PostSubject: Magus Classes   Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:39 am

Alright, you saw the grading we friggin' go.

Lecture 1: history fo the Association[/size]

OFFICIALLY formed in London in 1243, it formed the backbone of hte British Government. It was a clandestine half-legal association of Magicians, summoners and the like that served the interests of the King. The association's early vigor caused the British empire to expand, creating the many colonies. However, the Puritans under Oliver Cromwell crushed the magus, and many left for the new colonies in teh Americas. Only a few Magus remained in combat with the church in secret wars, and by the time of King George III, the Association was too weak to hold down its colonies, relying on regular soldiers (and ultimately failing). Faced with Extinction, the Association voted in 1834 to allow the German Quincy and Magus as well as most of Northern Europe (ot be exact, Spain, France, England, Germany, Scandinavia, Transylvania, Luxembourg and others) into hte Association, thus also making the association as a legal member country of hte Holy Grail War. The Magus Association is headed by a council from every country in the association. relations did not break down totally until 1914, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Secretary of the Association, was assassinated. This was the end of German involvement with the association for 80 years. The economic vacuum in the great depression weakened the Association, causing Indian shaman and other countries to vie for independence. by World War II, the Magus Association was in shambles, and the Association was forced, in early 1941, to sign the Salem University Pact, which allied hte association with the Salem Magus Association in Massachusets. By 1998, the Magus Association was a shadow of its former self apart in England. Today, the Association devotes itself for hte preperation of the next Holy Grail War, to fulfill its wish of becoming the most powerful magical group in the world.

HOMEWORK FOR STUDENTS (graded and averaged in--will decide whether you'll be a 1st class, 2nd class or 3rd class graduate):

1: Why did the Association's power fade in the 1680's?
2: what did this fade lead to?
3: Name 5 new member states in 1834.
4: What were the implications of the Salem University Pact?
5: what major event is associated with eastern Europe's (notably Germany and Austria's) withdrawal from the association?
6: (optional, counts as extra points if correct) Do you think it was wise of the association to allow other countries and its former Colony, America? Why?
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Magus Classes
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