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 MysTech Products

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Kirei Hakura

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PostSubject: MysTech Products   Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:30 am

Since its creation, MysTech boasts a variety of products from the original Quincy Bangle.

MysTech Chakra Cannon Line

Chakra Cannon Polaris-class (Class I): a comparably inexpensive, if large, bulky and inefficient cannon that focuses chakra into a beam and fires. Runs on power cells and is used by militaries.

Chakra Cannon Orion-class (Class I): a bazooka-like cannon that fires a short, focused beam. In exchange for size, the Orion-line of cannons do not have a choice of how wide the focus may be.

Chakra Cannon Polaris (class II): a slightly smaller cannon that constantly uses a transmutation circle to transmute metal into wood and back, using the residue energy to power. The polaris Cannon can recharge a shot in about 5 minutes and can be mounted on top of any building.

Chakra Cannon Theseus-class (Class I): A small lightlsaber-like device that projects a thin blade of Chakra.

Chakra Cannon Polaris (Class III): the most mobile and powerful form of the Chakra cannon, the Polaris V3 can be mounted on a tripod, yet has the power of the Class-I polaris, approaching even the Orion-class blast.

Chakra Cannon Orion (Class II): A handheld crossbow that fires a quincy arrow-like projectile nad can be modified to shoot a selection of explosive bullets or Kunai.

Chakra Cannon Theseus (Class II): A arm-mounted device that projects a massive blade that can lengthen at will.

MedTech medicines:

Electronic Byukagan: A Magus Society design that wires a contact directly to one’s brain, giving one abilities similar to the Byukagan. Is weak against Electricity.

Sharingan Emulation pills: A pill designed to copy the effects of Sharingan, allowing the brain function 4x faster so that it slows actions of others to the speed slower than the 3-tomoe Sharingan. It also heighten’s one’s own metabolism and movement speed. However, this drastically cuts life span and is extremely tiring.


N6: Created on a corrupted virus, this poison, when it enters the bloodstream, causes the body’s white blood cells to attack one’s own body, eventually decaying the body nad destroying it from the inside.

Anti-clot: This weapon destroys all platelets in the body—that means if one is cut, he will never stop bleeding, eventually bleeding oneself dry.

Computer Viruses

COV8: (Computer operated Virus Cool: Made in the form of a small needle, it can be inserted into any wire nad will manually travel to a computer and completely shut it down. Nonlethal to the computer, mostly used by MysTech police.

COV12: A virus that takes the physical form of a chain, it will travel through a network from tis source, and as soon as it enters a computer, the computer that launched the virus automatically gains control of those computers. The virus will eventually travel through the whole network, allowing the one who sends this virus to control the whole network. It is possible, though, to trace the virus to its source and destroy it there.

COAV 2 (Computer operated antivirus): based on the human Quincy Genome, this antivirus goes straight though a network, deleting any virus—and any file the antivirus deems useless.


Holy Grail: During the 9th Holy Grail War, Kirei Hakura and Jan Tohsaka Hakura, both masters, sealed the Holy Grail and its massive prana inside a virtual world—it provides an unlimited amount of Chakra for all MysTech Utilities.

Steamball: A small ball of steam developed in Jan Hakura’s time that eternally produces steam. Useful in locomotives and many of Jan’s steam-powered vehicles.
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MysTech Products
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