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 history classes

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Arashi Uchiha
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Master Admin/Uchiha Leader/the one that pwns with his hawtness
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PostSubject: history classes   Thu Aug 30, 2007 1:16 am

History of Konoha
By Jan Hakura,

Like every one of the five great shinobi nations in the west, Konoha started out as hundreds of small feudal territories, each led by a lord. The traditional warlord had an army of samurai and light infantry, supported by around seventy-odd shinobi. The Samurai fought the wars, showing an outer illusion of nobility while Shinobi carried out assassinations of enemy lords and commanders. While chakra using, Shinobi were no match in hand-to-hand combat against samurai, and were greatly outnumbered and shunned because they obviously seemed dishonorable (as they truly are), and so hid in the shadows. Eventually, clans appeared. The Uchiha clan was the first true shinobi clan in what is now Konoha. Taking over a whole feudal province, it proceeded to carve for itself a huge hunk of territory, based on its large army of ninja. The Hyuuga, in the eastern woods of Konoha were still not shinobi (having no need due to their bloodline) took the northeast. In between, feudal lords and clans leaned to either side for support. Soon only clans allied with either side remained. Now both countries were slightly smaller than the average shinobi country. After forty years of watchful peace, the Uchiha streamed into Hyuuga territory, easily defeating the Samurai sent by the feudal lords. Once at the Hyuuga border, though, the Hyuuga-clan samurai—due to the Byukagan, halted them, as they had already known the attack coming. They managed to hold the Uchiha off—as well as drive them back. No concealment techniques could hide the Uchiha, and after four wars, the Uchiha, under guise of a peace treaty, forced the Hyuuga back, forcing their way 40 miles into Hyuuga territory before finally being driven back. Seeing the fallibility of the law of Bushido (a samurai’s rule of conduct), the Hyuuga became a shinobi country. In the next seventy years, there was not a town on the border not waving either the white-and-green banner of the Hyuuga or the blue and red of the Uchiha. As the saying goes, “use the enemy’s weapon against him”. Both the Uchiha and Hyuuga became more cruel and militarian against each other, and on both side taxes also increased, forcing the people downwards and forming large armies. At this point, a small clan suddenly came into power. A man and his two sons, in secret treaties, suddenly joined the small Aburame, Akimichi, Yamanaka and Nara clans into a fairly large shinobi country. Heading south, it quickly took the unprotected feudal clans. It then proceeded to become large enough to challenge both the Hyuuga and Uchiha. Moving quickly, the man mediated a peace between the two clans, and assimilated them into his with skillful political maneuvers. However, the said man died not long after, leaving rule to his elder son. Basing government in his hometown of Konoha, the country of fire was born (this was a concession to the Uchiha, patrons of fire). The man himself, of the Sarutobi clan, became the first Hokage. In the wake of the first great shinobi war, he gathered the survivors of the last wars, and attempted to confront Cloud and Stone. However, the disorganized and bickering Hyuuga and Uchiha could not work together, and Konoha only survived because the Hokage’s own men held Cloud back and the intervention of Waterfall. The following economic slump took years to pull out of, but eventually, the first Hokage accomplished it, bringing the armies back to full strength and appeasing both Uchiha and Hyuuga. However, the labors had left lines of worry on his face, and his mind was exhausted, so he left work to his brother, the second Hokage. Zealous to avenge his brother’s defeats, the second trained his troops vigorously, so that by the second great shinobi war, Cloud and Stone were hard-pressed. Indeed, had it been for MysTech, Konoha would have been the most powerful country in the continent. Meanwhile, emissaries from the Northeast arrived, as the village of Konoki sent heralds and embassies to Konoha. Quite similar, the two countries set down an alliance. With the capture of a MysTech facility (and thus providing Konoha with the technologies it has today—electric lights, electronics, hydraulics), the defeat of Cloud became sure. However, Demons and Hollow (who had long-since infiltrated every single country), suddenly surged, forcing every country out of war to fight these many demons (many of them with power equal to or greater than that of the tailed beasts, the bijuu). Fortunately, not long after an accident caused Soul Society to realize the existence of another world, and Soul society arrived, destroying the demons and becoming folk-heroes to many of this world. However, there was more pressing business, and the Shinigami were forced to return to Soul Society with the death of Commander-General Toshiro Hitsugaya and his replacement with Commander-General Ichigo Kurosaki. With the Shinigami gone to keep the peace, the many shinobi countries leapt for each other’s throats in the 3rd great shinobi war. Now this war was worldwide and spanned continents—but once again, peace was returned with the arrival of the survivors of the demons. The twenty-two tailed beasts and many lesser demons appeared in the midst of the secret shinobi war between Konoha and Stone. The fourth Hokage, Yondaime, was forced to make peace and turn to the demons invading every border. People looked to the gods/heroes who had saved them before, but few would come, for Soul Society was at war. Only a few captains came, and these came under guise of Kage or Shinobi (Including Yours truly, Konaru, and others later to come), and these were too little, too late. Therefore, many resorted to sealing them instead of destroying them. However, some progress was made. The Akatsuki captured 2of the tailed beats; the Quincy destroyed 5; MysTech captured 3, two were destroyed by the Shinigami, and one other was destroyed by shinobi in the northern continent (TNR universe). One was also captured by sand (but was sealed into Gaara of the sand). The remaining 8 were mostly eliminated through sealing. The fourth was one of the many who did this, sealing it into the now-famous Uzumaki Naruto, at the cost of his own life. However, these humans were not treated well—they were shunned by society, and lived extremely long lives (for Demons died when the one they were sealed into are killed). Eight years later, a disaster struck on Konoha—Uchiha Itachi, considered the most powerful Uchiha after Uchiha Madara (who was capable of fighting tailed beats alone alongside Soul Society), destroyed the Uchiha clan. Already badly reduced after the third shinobi war, the Uchiha were crushed. Joining Akatsuki, the power of the Akatsuki expanded exponentially. For a time the three Sannin held them in check, but when one of them joined Akatsuki (Orochimaru, for a time), the Akatsuki, though mostly unknown, became the most feared organization on the continent. Orochimaru himself, though, had a great thirst for power and attempted to bring Konoha and Sand into war, killing the elderly 3rd Hokage (and almost ending the Sarutobi line). However, Sand and Konoha banded against Orochimaru when it was discovered the Kazekage had also been murdered and impersonated. However, Orochimaru recruited Sasuke Uchiha, who was just as ambitious and power-hungry for power (though for slightly more noble reasons than Itachi) Meanwhile, Akatsuki succeeded in capturing most of the sealed tailed beasts, but several years later was destroyed. Sasuke Uchiha, the lone surviving Uchiha and Orochimaru’s Protégé turned on his master, murdering him. Eventually, though, the last Uchiha survived. However, he did not seek to be Hokage, but eventually revived the clan. Somehow, though, Itachi Uchiha, though long dead, became the role model of many, due to his power, intelligence and great ambition, becoming something of a folk hero despite his obvious place as a villain. The reign of the 6th Hokage was prosperous, and once again peace returned. However, as all things living do, the sixth Hokage died. The seventh Hokage, the grandson of the 3rd, Konohamaru Sarutobi, was a more military-minded Kage, and continued fortificating defenses, opening up the Demon research project. Although the details are hidden to all but the Kage and the most powerful in Konoha (Me, being a Cloud and Grass Shinobi, obviously was as likely to be given the data as Sasuke going to bed with the 3rd), the results became obvious by the time of the eighth Hokage. The Quincy were greatly opposed to this, but as the Quincy were now a broken people (defeated in the war with the Shinigami), little notice was taken, and MysTech and Konoha both delved deeper into Demonology. Demons remained, though, and more shinigami arrived, now that the war was over. The transition to the eighth Hokage (Konaru) was marked with several wars with Cloud, as both released their scientific wonders. Both sides to great effect used chakra cannon and tailed beasts, and shinobi wars entered a new age, as Koddy Sino took the kageship. Next were several wars with Snow (against NarutoZac, now Kataki Uchiha), but these achieved little result, and this is where we are left now.
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Kirei Hakura

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PostSubject: Re: history classes   Sat Sep 15, 2007 5:22 am

God since nobody will post, I'll post it.

In the beginning, there were our good little friends, hte Roaming gnome from Travelocity and teh Cavemen. The cavemen jsut ran around, whacking mammoths and hitting over the head any person who got too annoying. So after a while, some n00b found metal. so he upgraded ot Metal, and his str +20. so then everyone got to use steel weapons, so atk nad def +20. so then people were now smart enough to know how to kill each other. and tehy did that with gusto. it was around that time that some began to evolve abilities. some people could at will manipulate the energy in their bodies, labelled as "Chakra (due to the overwhelming Japanese influence. it appears in Fullmetal ALchemist the dominant language is German, and in teh real world, it's english). of course, human do not like difference. so they kicked these people out of hteir little ghettoes nad mud huts, and they became outcasts. meanwhile, it appears that a dimensional rift occured, possibly purely by accident in Soul SOciety. the Raw power fo the Bount Project caused a dimensionaly rift to appear, and SOul Society made contact, staying low. In the meantime, Daimyos (feudal lords) led their own factions in war against each other. at some point, some saw the power the chakra user would affordt them. so the CHakra users were taken in as the elite and trained only to fight. this became two sides of the same coin. On one side were the Samurai, the noble side of teh Chakra users. Modest, quiet and honorable, they represented the bright side of the coin, respected by enemy and friend alike. on the dark side were the shinobi--Ruthless, highly trained nad efficient, but relying on the darkness. while they were much more effective in their roles, they were frowned upon by the people and the samurai. The shinobi congregated in their own villages, while the unswervingly loyal Samurai stayed with the daimyo. as a result, as the wars continued, the samurai were badly whittled down, while the allied Shinobi villages were largely unharmed. Finally, One warlord united all of the continent. this man became emporer. for a long tiem, the shinobi gathered their strength, while the Samurai geared for the inevitable battle, as both sides set up their pieces in the fight for the best spots on the chessboard. The uneasy peace fell when the 14th emperor died. instantly, the SHinobi struck, taking the village of Eternal light withotu much of a fight. the vilalge of eternal moonlight was held by the Samurai, and thus began the Samurai-Shinobi war.

The Samurai Shinobi war

This war had long been prepared for--everyone knew that the Samurai, fastidiously honorable, would never live in peace with the shinobi. and they were right. The Samurai were at a distinct disadvantage. tehir Jutsu were considerbaly less advanced, and their numbers were lower after the intense struggle. their honor did not help. However, teh Samurai had more able commanders and the support of most of the population, making it quite even. however, the Samurai were defeated everywehre, and finally, their capital, the city of eternal moonlight, fell. the last remainders retreated to the north (present-day mist adn snow) where they fought doggedly. the Shinobi were unable to subdue them, and eventually a cease-fire was proclaimed. by this time, the Samurai were almsot devoid of power, and hte Feudal lords were merely puppets under their patron Shinobi village, the Kage. for a time, each vilalge grew and strenghtened its borders. However, soon the Kage looked jealously to each other's territory. Mass conscriptions began, and boht shinobi and nonshinobi armies formed alliances, creating giant factions. At the same time, this hatred also was notable due to the emergence of Demons--Arrancar who had become a seperate, more powerful species. tehy hid in teh shadows, waiting...

The Great Shinobi wars

The first Great shinobi war was a confusing affair. NObody knows what started the war, but an alliance between the Forest Alliance (notably Leaf and Waterfall) and the storm allaince (Cloud, Grass, Stone). while it was a fierce war, Konoha nad Waterfall were defeated and plunged into economical depression. however, the 1st hokage took up the mantle, and he subsequently set himself about to healing the wounds of war and preparing to avenge their bitter defeat.

And that was how teh second great shinobi wars started. the nonaffiliated Crescent League (snow and sand) were attacked by cloud. seizing on the excuse, Sand, Snow, Waterfall and Konoha attacked. The next war was now worldwide. Sand and its new Ally Konoha and Waterfall campaigned against Cloud, Stone, Grass and Rain. As Snow watched with increasing tenacity, the village of the Star joined Konoha and the village fo the dragonfly joined Stone. While Rain stood by Stone, Mist soon declared war on Stone. teh Kaguyas simply enjoyed the battles. The war spread across the oceans as well. In the Eastern Continents, (the TNR galaxy), Glacier, Frost, Current, shine and shroud declared war on Konoki and Silence, the two largest villages (as well the lesser vilalges of wind nad smoke). Glacier stood with Stone adn Konoki wtih Konoha, close relatives. In the Western teater, Konoha was victorious, wiping out Stone nad badly weakening the vilalge fo the dragonfly. In the East, Konoki and Silence beat Current and Shine into submission whiel Glacier watched tentatively. Another uneasy peace continued.

By the third great Shinobi wars, Teh 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi, now was mroe active. teh same alliances continued, but now villages were destroyed. The vilalge of teh dragonfly was absorbed by Cloud after its defeat by Konoha. Teh village of Smoke was absorbed into Konoki adn Wind into silence. Glaicer and Frost Joined together into Glacier, and great jumps in technology were made. Under a group fo Scinetists, MysTech (formerly under Cloud whe n iwas Kage) began investigating steam power, and now Steam Airships struggeld wti hteh coutnry fo Snow's Blimps. Just as both sides were about to release their sealed demons, a cease fire occured between Cloud nad Konoha, and eventulaly, msot fighting died down (almost wrecked with the Hyuuga incident, but it was rejected). Cloud, Glacier, Silence, Konoki, Konoha nad Sand remained the world powers. However, Sands' Economy was ruined, and Cloud was now divided, with a new unstead yKage at hte helm (me, hehehe). Cloud weakened, and the Konoha Massacre weakened Konoha greatly. At the same time, Demon attacks escalated, nad the ragged survivors of demon attacks formed the QUincy, figthing a shadow war with the shinigami (who eventually overcame the QUincy). The truce also started the international Chuunin exams.

Tailed beasts

The invasion of the tailed beasts brought alogn a time of great unity. countries united to defeat the 20 tailed beasts. yet they only succeeded with 11. 9 were sealed away...however, the cost was great. most Kage died, including the greatest of the hoakge, Yondaime. peace returned, interrupted only with Orochimaru's attempt to subvert the People of Cloud and a war between SHroud nad the other countries in teh East.

Until the present

during this time of peace, prosperity grew, but udner it all, people were still rearming. teh Quincy finally secured peace with the Shinigami, and yet MysTech and others secretly flourished. After the 7th Hokage, Shichiaimi Konohamaru Sarutobi, was the 8th hokage, our present one KOnaru Yadaime. Sand has kind of faded into teh background, wheil Sound now is a more importatn coutnry. however, tehre were small wars, mostly snow against Lotus, Snow and Konoha. hwoever, Snow was as a result weakened, and Nidaime NarutoZac was suceeded by Sandaime Beelzebub and then Yondaime Lalo Uchiha. Konaru, on the ohter hand, died for a tiem, succeeded by the Kudaime, Amour.Yondaime Jan Hakura was also replaced with godaime Koddy Sino, where Jan became the Juunidaime Kusakage of Grass.


However, this prosperity did not last. Shortly after this, an explosive world war broke out. Many of the Great Leaders of the Past died in this war. The Commander-General of Soul Society of the time, Konaru Harushino, was killed in civil war in Soul Society. The many Sealed Akatsuki and MysTech demons escaped in the Chaos. Jan Hakura's eldest Daughter, Mara Hakura, was killed in MysTech, and so did others such as Caleb and other Alliance Members. The Alliance shattered, every country fought ofr itself. When Jan's Wife, Hitori Hakura, was killed in what was thought to be a safe area, Hakura, now Commander General, sent his two sons and youngest daughter to London to train as Magus and then promptly cut all communications with the Naruto world as it fought a war. Arashi, however, had been locked out, and continued to lead the remaining countries. Many factions and leagues rose, and all contacts with other worlds ceased as the Magus Society shut down their embassies and the republic of Amestris's embassy was also destroyed. However, just when there appeared to be no hope, Arashi attempted to put togther a treaty between the countries. This all seemed succesful--until Arashi was assassinated in Snow. Instantly, the world was back into chaos. In the war, Naruta Uzumaki eventually died in Konoha, and Lalo Uchiha and Shikataoku Uchiha, longtime rivals, fought a civil war in snow. At that moment, Cloud and Grass, under Sume Sino and Jan's Succesor, Kiri Uchiha, opened fire with the MysTech/DysTech Chakra Cannon VII, the most powerful cannon since hte first. Both Lalo and Shikataoku were kileld in the ensuing conflict. This war continued for generations. However, the eventual outcry reached heaven--adn the council of hte Magi finalyl sent aid. In the wake of war, S.A.H. the first Proxy of Asgard, followed by the feared Grim Angels, restored order to the battered remains of hte world. Many descendants of hte heroes of the last war rebuilt their countreis, and at hte magi's invitation, Soul Society resumed communicatiions. In this war, 143,000 men alone had died, not including women and children. and here we are today.
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history classes
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