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PostSubject: Alchemy   Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:28 am

Alchemy is an art--A type of scientific process. Using soul power or the power of the earth, Alchemy can change the atomic makeup of atoms to change it to a completely different element. This is done through a transmutation circle, a circle that focuses its power much like a Shinobi Handseal. Alchemy is very advantageous in comparison with other styles, due to the fact that it only requires a small amount of activation energy to start the reaction. It is essentially modern chemistry without a reaction medium.

There are 3 steps to Alchemy: analysis (to understand the structure and properties of the substance that is about to be transmuted), destruction/decomposition (to break the substance down to its rudimentary properties), and reconstruction/recomposition (to rebuild the substance into another form or with different properties). The first step is crucial because if the substance that an alchemist intends to transmute is unknown, an alchemic reaction will not occur.

Alchemy is not an unrestrained process, has its weaknesses. while Jutsu can create matter completely out of Chakra, Alchemy needs starting materials--an equal or greater amount than the product, and thus the 1st law fo Alchemy: "To obtain something of equal value must be lost."

This is known as the law of equivalent exchange. Also, Alchemy is not magic--all offensive nad defensive alchemy operate under the rules of chemistry, physics and thermodynamics.

(PM homework answers to me)

1. what is the 1st law of equivalent exchange? Do you think it applies to everything in life, and why?

2. What would be an advantageous situation for an Alchemist in battle?

3. what would be a disadvantageous situation for an Alchmeist in battle?

4. Why do you think Jutsu are easier control than the earth-controlled Alchemic process?

5. Is Alchemy a civilian or Military Art, nad why?
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